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We. Know. Food Safety. 

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Our approach is no joke. 

From our farms to our customers forks, our dedication to food safety is paramount to the success of Sweet Mama and its trusted partners. At Sweet Mama,  food safety and quality assurances aren’t just a management initiative, it’s a way of life.


A meticulous review of the grower’s food safety, recall, and employee training programs are also conducted to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our farmers.  We offer industry-leading technology as a means to seamlessly trace and track product accountability with a staff of Customer Account Managers readily available.


Barbara Hulick is the Senior Director of Food Safety at Sweet Mama Produce. She has been working in the fresh produce industry, working in the development, implementation and management of food safety policies for over 15 years. She has exceptional food safety and regulatory expertise and a culinary background. 



  • SQF High Risk Auditor

  • SQF Ethical Sourcing Auditor

For more information on the Food Safety Modernization Act, please click here. 

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