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From #SweetMama Kitchen

Heaven is only 3 steps away

Picking Melon.jpg


Go to your retailer. Scope out the perfect #sweetmama watermelon

washing melon.jpeg


Wash the outside of the melon thoroughly. Get the rind sparkly and squeaky clean



Cut, Slide, Dice, Drink, Juice; eat #sweetmama melons however you so choose

find a recipe. Enjoy. Share <3


Watermelon Margarita

These are the perfect margaritas for summertime or anytime! Whip up a batch for impromptu happy hours all week! #SweetMama 

Watermelon Marg.jpg

Watermelon and Chicken Sandwich

Turns out watermelon is a great substitute for tomatoes! Try this sandwich for a fun spin on a classic chicken sammie. #SweetMama


Feta Watermelon Salad

Try this easy and refreshing salad recipe with #SweetMama melon. Perfect for any occasion! #SweetMama 


Watermelon Avocado Bowl

You thought watermelon salads are great? Try using an avocado as a bowl! Thank us later ;). #SweetMama

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